Life Coaching Team

Life Coaching Teams or Regional Representatives of YPPII Batu ministry acts as the hands and feet of Christ in their communities. These Regional Representatives consists of people from many walks of life who are equipped and invested on how to best serve their local communities. Currently there are Life Coaching Teams in 22 provinces in Indonesia.

manado The relationship of Life Coaching Teams (Regional Representatives) and YPPII Batu ministry is founded upon Rev. Dr. Petrus Octavianus message of Integration. We believe that local leaders have a keen understanding of local communities’ needs and culture. Therefore we continue to encourage, empower, and equip these teams to embody Christ teaching and exemplify God’s Love.

tobeloFrom taking part in Yearly National Convention (Kebaktian Tahunan Nasional) to organizing revivals in their cities, these Regional Representatives (Life Coaching Team) support and develop YPPII Batu ministry.